Well, we all love to get our nails done. I was a nail tech for over 5 years. I changed my nails color and designs every week since I pretty much do it by myself. Lucky right but only if you can imagine how long it took me to do it since I am such a perfectionist sometimes. While working at the spa, I witnessed a lot of funny little things here and there, and it would be great if I can share with people. So let’s get started.


            1.  Most of people who work in a nails business are Asian (probably 80% of them are Vietnamese), so if you can be so kind stop asking us where we come from. It’s become dull when we have to tell you where we come from for like 5 times a day. In fact, ask us how do we think about your nails color or anything else, really.

            2.  I do understand that there is a language barrier.  It is hard to learn a different language at a certain age. Imagine you go to a foreign country and try to learn the language, every one will struggle. So please be patient with us, speak slower so we can follow and hooray for body language.

            3.  Not every single tech is creative, trust me.  So if you decide to bring in a picture you get from pinterest that was done by a show professional nail tech, chances are the nail won’t turn out the same and could turn into a horrible mess. So brace yourself woman. If you see your tech kinda hesitate, ask them to try it on one finger first.  If they can’t do it, don’t be mad because not every one can draw and not every one can paint. Most of the time though, there will be some one in the shop that was trained enough in nails art so don’t be shy to ask for a different tech to help you.

            4.  Our job duty is to clean your feet, light massage and polish. We are not trained in massage so please don’t ask us to do pressure point. If you pay $15 for your pedicure and expect a $30 worth of foot massage, you ought to be disappointed really quick.  We are not licensed to do massage, we are license to do your nails.  But if you are a regular and book appointment, we tend to throw in a little freebie here and there. I give out free design all the time.

            5.  Sometimes when you come in the store and it’s super duper busy, we ask you to soak your feet for a minutes while we choke down our food because we have been working non stop without break, please understand that. There were cases that some client refuse to soak for two minutes because they want to be tend to right away. Two minutes delay will not make you get out of the chair any quicker, but with that time where we can grab a quick bite, our hands won’t be shaking and our tummy will not growl at you while we are performing the service.  Do i mention they will rush through the service as well?


            6.  Please don’t ask us to use a razor to shave the dead skin off your heel.  It is illegal and if any spa performed these service. Run as fast as you can.

            7.  Please come in and bring your own flip flop if you wear closed shoes. We will provide disposable flip flop but it isn’t made for wearing it outside. If it’s rain or slippery, you will fall.

            8.  There is a different between gel color and gel full set, top coat and gel top coat. If you don’t know what you are getting, ask your nail tech.

            9.  Please don’t come in the store and try to bargain like you are going to the flea market.  Don’t even say anything about this store or that store have a lower price, chances are you will tick us off and I personally will tell you to go to that store that is cheaper by $5.

           10.  The service is usually took about half and hour.  If we close at 7, please don’t come in at 7:05 and ask for service. I know a lot of spa willing to take late customers because they don’t want to lose the customer.  But it is also create a bad habit of people coming into the spa at the late hour and expect to be served.


           11.  We don’t have holidays pay, no vacation time. We don’t get off on holidays because that is when we are in demand the most. I remembered coming to pick my mom up to go out for mother’s day and got into an argument with a guess because she arrived 5 minutes before closing time and demanded a service that would take about one hour to complete.  My mom was closing up the shop and she got offended when I turned her down. Her reason was because it was the holiday and she wanted to go to the spa with her daughter, who would arrived in 5 minutes. We spend a lot of time working over 12 hrs a day to make you look good and feel good. Please schedule your day so that we will be able to perform the best service and not ended up going home 1 or even 2 hour after closing time.

            12.  This one is for guy who getting pedicure. It is a personal hygene so no shame on that. But please don’t spread your legs wide open when you sit in the pedi chair. It is just awkard and very very super hard to do the job since your feet turn to the side. And no we can’t rub your feet harder either, by the time I’m done lifting your legs up, which become a dead weight because you don’t lift your own legs up, I’m out of breath. I pretty much breath out of my mouth by that time, there is no more energy to push in any harder.

          13.  Please help us lift your legs up, ladies and gentlemen.  Try to lift some one’s leg up and scrub at the same time.  It is a work out, I’m telling you.

          14.  When we talk in a different language, it doesn’t mean we are talking behind your back.  Most of the time we will talk bad behind you in the break room if you are acting like a spoil brat and complaining how expensive the price is.

          15.  People speak in a different language in the spa and you feel annoyed by it.  Can’t help you there, I personally don’t do it because I know it is unprofessional but there are people who will do it.

          16.  Don’t make fun of the nail tech because of how they speak English. That is just mean.

There are a lot more going on behind the close door.  May be i should write another blog about “Things customers want nail tech to know” after this.  Tell me what do you think.