Ladies, we know summer is here and it is short, tank top and flip-flop season.  If you are the one who love to embrace your nature self, please feel free to do so, no shame on that.  If you like to take care of your business by yourself (like me), this post is not for you because we don’t really have to worry much about sharing with others.  The rest of the population most likely go to either a salon or spa to get these waxing service done.  As an esthetician who specialize in waxing, here are some tips that I put under my bell from working as different salons and spas through out my 8 years of working in this industry.

1.  Not everyone is good as waxing.  Just like a hairstylist who specialize themselves in either cutting or coloring, an esthetician also have their own references.  I love to do waxing because that what I do everyday and most of the guests walk in to get waxing more than facial at the places I worked at.  Do your research before hand will save you from disappointment from a bad waxing experience.

2.  Don’t look at others eyebrows.  Your eyebrow is unique and is one of a kind. Nobody else has the same eyebrows as you so don’t bring a picture of an actress with you to your wax appointment.  You will never get the same exact one unless you cut it out of the picture and stick it on your forehead.  Instead, tell the technician how you want it, either create an arch, straight, natural, skinny…..etc you name it.

3. Sometime you have to make do with what you have.  We all want a natural, full and thick eyebrow but there is nothing we can do if you over plug your hair for years.  We can’t magically make hair appear where there is none or make it longer.  There is eyebrow pencil for that reason.

4.  This is my favorite quote “Your eyebrow is sisters, not twins.” You get my drift, we can’t make your eyebrow look identical.  If it is a little bit different and we didn’t rip half of it off, then get over it.

5.  Cheap comes with a price.  Do you notice the prices vary from this or that place?  It is all come down to sanitary and performance.  We don’t go to school that cost us an arm and a leg to go out and do services for free or at the discount price.  There are difference waxes for your face, your body and for “you know what” (private).  What would you feel if they use the same wax from top to bottom?  Does it sound clean to you? No, and I’ve seen it happen.  And double dipping is even worst. I’ve seen this happen too, and it happens more than you think.

6.  Keep your eyes open and observe the places that you go to.  It is not hard to spot a salon/spa that doesn’t keep up with cleaning.

7.  Which one is better between waxing and threading? In my opinion, I take threading any time for my facial from eyebrow to full face.  All the pulling from wax for over period of time will make your skin become droopy.  You still have to research and find your girl/guy because some one who doesn’t know what they doing with the thread is extremely dangerous because they could cut you.

8.  There are people who also reuse thread so please look out.  Yes, this happen, I was pretty much speechless when I saw it for the first time.


9.  Between waxing and shaving, which one is better?  If you have a little bit knowledge about hair follicle, it is very easy to explain.  Hair grows out from your hair follicle, shaving only cut off the hair on the surface while waxing pull the hair follicle out.  This is also the reason why the hair grow out a lot slower with waxing than shaving.  You have to wax a couple of time to see this happen as well.

10.  Do hair grow out less with waxing?  There is no scientific research to prove this theory but it happens to more people than you think.  I notice I have less hair from waxing than shaving but to which their own, you have to try it first.

11.  If you allergic with any of the oil or product line, please inform us before the service.  Don’t wait until we put the wax on you to have a “by the way” moment.

12.  Your skin will be red and no you can’t put make-up on or wash your face right away.  Do this as the end of the day when you know you will be going straight home.

13.  If you know you will get break out after waxing, it is either from dirty wax or the tech didn’t clean your skin throughout.  If it is not these reason, then please consider threading.  I have been recommending threading to anyone who told me that they get break out one or two day after, and they are very satisfied with the switch.

14.  Does threading hurt? Anything that ripping my hair off is painful.  It is all depend on your pain tolerance.

We are all different in many ways, just because some one do it and you have to do it as well.  Do what you feel like is right to you not what everybody tell you to?  Please remember there are several salon/spa that take pride in themselves and provide excellent services to protect you so don’t look at the price tag but judge them by the quality of their jobs.  Cheaper doesn’t always mean better.