I have never been a skin care junkie till a month ago. I learned about skin products a while back but I’ve always been extremely careful on what to put on my face. I used to suffer from acne on and off when I was a teen till I was 21 years old. The first skin care line I used was Obagi which mainly focus on treating acne. It worked wonder on me and help me getting rid of my acne but I have a bunch of scars, dark spot, and open pores. That is how I started to learn how to do make up to hide all the discoloration on my face. I am, till today, afraid of my acne coming back. I was cautious in everything I eat and put on my face, so much that I only use face cleanser that prevent acne and makeup that have spf only. Little that I know the salicylic acid slowly dry out my skin and the make up doesn’t look as smooth and crackly. I stopped using foundation and switch to BB cream but I wasn’t happy with that either. School, married and having kids took my mind of it for a few years and let’s face it, I was trying to save money and most of the good skin care line is not so budget friendly.

     The reality hit me a month ago when I realize I will turn 30 in three years. Don’t scold me yet, I know I am still young and I shouldn’t complain too much ya ya ya…..Do you know your skin will have a pretty long battle with the gravity as soon as you hit 30? In fact everything from your mind set, your body and your skin will change when you turn 30. It is a must to prepare the skin and create a skin care routine to help the skin staying young and fight back the sign of aging. So these are the products that I’m currently use and find it very very effective.

     1. King’s Berry Cleansing Oil

     I love love love this products. It is oil cleanser without any harsh chemical like alcohol, and sulfate that will dry out the skin. It is also can be use as make up removal. I use this to give my skin a 3 – 5 minutes massage as well. My skin is combination and mostly oily, but this cleanser doesn’t clog my pores as all. In fact, it adds the moisture that my skin lack and keep it moist without over oily all day long. I search a couple of website including amazon and peachandlily.com have the best price for this. Remember, it is oil cleanser; if you decide to get it, a little go a long way. Don’t go to town with the oil because you only waste the product.

     2. Lancome Tonique Radiance

DSC00313 DSC00314

     I bought this a year ago and look at how much I’ve used, a little. This toner is on a pricey side but it worth the money since it will last a long long time. This is also an exfoliation toner that help to get rid of all the products build up over time on the skin. I will not recommend this to any one who has dry skin. With dry skin, you need to hydrate the skin, not exfoliation constantly. I use this 2 – 3 times a week during night time before I put a heavy cream on my skin. It will freshen up the skin and help the treatment to easily penetrate the epidermis layer. I got this at Sephora.

    3. Shiseido Pureness Moisturizer


    This is my must go to product before I put any makeup on. It is also oil-free so “away oily nosey”. It is also very light so it leave the skin very fresh and moisture. It is highly recommend for oily skin and combination. I also got this at Sephora. Yep I can move into Sephora if I could.

    3. Shiseido Bio-Performance

DSC00310 DSC00311

    I got this about 3 weeks ago and I love it. I put it on mostly at night and some time during day time when I’m just home and not going any where. It is very pricey so if you don’t have any dark spot, red spot or big pore, you don’t have to consider this. It is a line from Shiseido that focus on even skin tone, fighting against aging and give the skin a healthy glow. I find it a little heavy for my taste, that’s why I use it during night time but it can be used for day and night. I got this at the Nex in the Naval Base in Bethesda, the price is 20% less than outside so it is a steal.

    4. Shiseido White Lucent

DSC00308 DSC00309

     This is a massaging cream, not something you leave on over night. It is very important to give your skin a nice massage for at least 5 minutes every week. I usually have a massage routine 2 times a week. The massage will help the blood flow much better, lighten your mood and your skin will look wonderful. You can use the napkin to wipe down excess product on the skin but I recommend to massage the product into the skin as much as you can.

    5. Pore Original Pack from Caolion

DSC00301 DSC00307

DSC00306 DSC00302

     Ta da, I save the best for last. There is no word to describe how much I love this clay mask. It give you a cool, minty effect that calm down my skin without drying it out. I even use this on my husband and we see the different tremendously. It will help closing all the open pores, keep all the products and moisture which my skin need much of it. You can get this from Amazon or go to peachandlily.com.

     A little extra


This is an invisi bobble that I got from eBay after seeing it on Behind the Chair. I put my hair in a pony tail or a bun through out my day but I hate how my hair have those mark from the hair tie or breakage from it as well. So I just see how well this work since it is also popular over in Asia. And it work, no breakage, no crease from a 5 hrs long pony tail. I don’t recommend this if you want to wear this while you exercise, it might fall out. Wanna try it? just go on eBay and get the one that you like ;p

So, to have a beautiful, glowing skin, you have to take care of it. Make sure always read the ingredient to avoid products that have way too much alcohol, artificial fragrance, sodium sulfate that will harm your skin rather then nurture it. If you just starting out, there is very simple step to take toward healthy skin regardless of what products you use:

  1. Cleanser.
  2. Toner/Essence.
  3. Moisturizer.
  4. Sunscreen.

With these easy steps, you can add on more products down the line when you have more experience.

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