Makeup Brushes 101

Featuring Morphe Brushes – GunMetal

When I first started doing makeup, I used the disposable eyeshadow applicator and those white triangle makeup sponges. There was no blending brush or makeup brushes I could afford without spending half of my little to nothing paycheck from working part-time. I remembered when I first discover e.l.f, I was on the moon and so happy because I could get everything I want for $1 per item. And that is how the “monster” was created.The more I learned about makeup, the more I learned how essential it was to know the type of brushes you are getting and how to use them. It is ok to have 20+ brushes, you don’t need that many to begin with unless you are in love with makeup just like me, then “you go girl!!!”. This is makeup brushes 101 for people who doesn’t know anything about makeup to the person who just started out and want some guideline. Your makeup will be a whole lot easier and “it will be slaying”.


To make it easier, I will cover the makeup brushes into two categories. The first category will be all the brushes you need for your face from powder to liquid and full coverage.

Foundation Brush – are usually made with synthetic bristles. The brush is dense and flat to give a flawless application for liquid foundation.

Powder Brush – The brush comes in a variety of sizes from small to large. It is a very fluffy brush for applying any loose powder for a perfect finish.

Blush Brush – Similar to the powder brush but all the bristles come to a point. It creates a pointed shape to blend out the blush around the cheeks area.


Angle Brush/ Bronzer Brush – The brush is angled to one side to aid in blending out the bronzer to contour your face. It makes to process very easy and eliminate the harsh line between the different shade of colors.

Contour Brush – This is different from the angle brush. It is less fluffy than the bronzer brush and shape to fit perfectly into the hollows of your face. The brush is perfect to get into places that are hard to reach for contour.

Pointed Buffer/ Highlight – It is smaller than the blush brush and have a more pointy shape. You can use this brush to set the area under the eyes or highlight your cheeks bone.


The second part is all the brushes you will need for your eyeshadow. You will need brushes to apply the eyeshadow and brushes to blend everything to perfection.Brush3(1)_Fotor

Blending Brush – I don’t need to explain into details about the purpose of this brush. Its name said it all, “blending brush”, you use these baby for blending. It does come in different sizes depend on the company, where you buy the brush from, but they have the same exact purpose. These brushes will become your most trusted weapon in your makeup game.


Oval Shadow Shader – These brushes are used to apply eyeshadow around your eyelids area. They also have difference sizes to fit your eyes shape better. If you have small eyes, there is no need to get a big brush. You will notice some are denser than others. You certainly can use the fluffy one to blend out eyeshadow on your bottom lid for a more dramatic look.


Angle Shadow Brush – This brush might not be as popular as the others but if you love to have a more defined line in the outer corners, this is your “go-to” brush.

Concealer Brush – Use this brush to apply concealer for color correction and hiding the imperfection.