I love to eat, nah, let’s me rephrase that, every one love to eat. I am that girl who wishes for not gaining any weight so I can eat everything. I love variety of food but I am not a fan of cheese, cream cheese or fatty and rich flavor. It is something that reflect on how I cook my food. I substitute a lot of ingredient that I don’t like for a lighter and healthier one. I don’t do that to watch my figure at all *lol* but it does give me a lot of benefit especially in the health department. My husband is mostly fine with that but I know he is not happy with me getting turkey bacon instead of “bacon bacon”. Sorry, I am not a fan of pork and since I am the cook in the house, I have the last word in the kitchen.

Korean food is one of my favorite because the bold flavor in every single dish. Let’s not talk about their BBQ. It makes my mouth watery just thinking about it. Anyone who know about Korean food, you probably hear about Kimbap before. It is one of many signature dish from Korea. It is also very healthy, light and what you can put in it is endless. Some people might mistake it with sushi but it is totally different. Sushi in America is pretty much Americanize with cream cheese and avocado. It tastes good but I can’t stand the cream cheese part for some reason. And knowing me, I have to make Kimbap at home and with my own twist to it. Not to pat my own back but it tastes it good for my first try.



There is not even a tons of bad calories in it either. It is cucumber, egg, and ground beef all wrap up in seaweed wrap. It is a perfect snack and finger food. It is hard to find Kimbap in Korean restaurant as well so you bet I will make this often. The recipe is coming up next *wink wink*