Warning:  Before you read this post, please be advice that there are a lot of pictures of my belly.  If you don’t want to see any then please stop scrolling down.

The chances of you hearing about this product from a friend, stranger…etc are alot lately.  It is every where and their testimony with pictures are very promising with unbelievable result.  The product comes with good and bad feed back as well.  Some said it really work and some straight out put it in a scam category.  You can find the review of these products on Youtube but I don’t find any of it helpful.


I was very curious so I bought the products myself to try it out.  I decide to write these post to keep track of my process as well.  It is way better than those before and after picture because I will give you in details of what I do.

It works! The ultimate body applicator is a wrap to help tone any part of your body that need to be tone. You can use it on your belly, arms, legs, thighs and yes, your bottom. It is similar with the body wrapping that you can get at the spa but more affordable and you do it at home. You don’t get the massage from the tech though *sad face*. One section of body wrap at the spa can range from $70 – $300 depend on the quality of the spa.  It is not guarantee it will work either and usually take more than one treatments. The It works! Body wrap is retails at $99.00 but if you become a loyal customer is $59.00.  I did this and became a loyal customer and I will be getting the products for 3 months. I can cancel after 3 months as well. I also became a distributor too in case the product is good and the distributor price is way cheaper and making some money on the side.I will also write a post about this later. The wrap come with 4 wraps, here is the picture of what it looks like.

DSC00194 DSC00195 DSC00193

You will wrap the area every 3 days.  It is not recommend to use the wrap less than every 3 days because the products will continue to work even though you already take the wrap off. It sounds very great and tempting, isn’t it? So does it really work?

Do you want honest answer without beating around the bushes? Yes, it does but to an extent. If you are just sitting around the house, eating ice-cream for breakfast, snacking on chocolate, and pizza with a side of soda for dinner every night, neither this product nor any other like it will work on you. This wrap will be a tool to help your journey to getting a better body figure. It is not your fairy god mother’s wand that will transform your body in just one wrap. It is dedication that you have to put in from your life style, choices in food, working out and using the wrap.  So whoever look into transforming your body with just one wrap, it will not happen.

With that, my journey began on May 29, 2015

I don’t use any scale or tape measurement. First, I don’t believe in the scale because you can lose water and fat weight but will gain weight from muscle. Second, your body slightly changes everyday, your measurement will change a couple inches now and then depend on your activity. Weight and measurement are only number, what important is how I feel and how the clothes fit on my body. With that saying, the only testimony you will get from my post are raw pictures. I don’t have any diet, I eat everything ;). I drink alot of water and coffee. I am walking and running on my treadmill every day for 2-3 miles. I do 15- 20 sit up when I wake up and before going to sleep every day.

This is picture of me before any wrapping, I also was very bloated on that day 🙁

May 28, 2015

DSC00178 DSC00182 DSC00183

This is how the wrap fit on me.

DSC00200 DSC00203

You can use the ceramic food wrap but since I have my postpartum wrap, I used that one. I left the wrap on for 45 minutes.

This is a day after the wrap

May 29, 2015

DSC00184 DSC00185

Doesn’t look much different, does it? I felt a slightly toner belly but I personally don’t see much different myself. So let’s be patient and do it again in 3 days.

This is June 2, 2015

I also uploaded a picture of me so you guys can see my frame ^.^

DSC00196 DSC00199

You can see the different on my belly a little more on this one. I felt alot toner and slimmer too as well. I left the wrap on for 2 hrs this time because I was cooking and cleaning with it on.

After wrap June 3, 2015

DSC00204 DSC00205 DSC00206

It is very small changes that happen in a couple days. I will post more picture after my third wrap.

If any one want to check this out, feel free to browse the website here http://hypeoncaffeine.myitworks.com/

This is a collage of my belly *lol* after 2 wraps

BeFunky Collage


I hope this post help and clear thing up a little bit better about this products. For me personally, I love how to wrap feel on my belly. It gave out a warm and tingly feel which make me relax. It smells like eucalyptus so just from being Asian, I love the smell. Thank you for reading this post. Please comment below if you have any question.