Easy DIY nail arts for the holidays

Can you believe that Christmas is 8 days away? Beside planning your Christmas menu to wrapping gifts and baking sweet, some pampering is also needed so you don’t break under the pressure. I don’t know about you but doing my nails is always a fun project, especially with the help of my little one. They go ga-ga on them nail polish. So I collected a couple of easy DIY nail arts for the holidays.

1- Poka Dot Fun

If you don’t have any dotting tools, just be creative and use anything around the house that have a round point, from pencil or pen. Remember to have fun and alternate different color too.


2- Christmas Tree & Gift Box

Well, it’s look easy enough to do it just with some sticky post-it under a couple minutes but make sure the base color are completely dry before putting the sticky note on your nails.



3- Candy Cane

These looks are everywhere and all over the place but it doesn’t seem to die down one bit. It is still popular as ever. The good thing about this look is you can where it any season, not just around Christmas.


4- Reindeer Nails & Snow Man

These are just adorable. Did I forget to mention that your daughter would love these as well?



I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday 🎁