DIY vanity makeup table

DIY Vanity Makeup Table

Who doesn’t love to have a fancy vanity in their bedroom? I dream of having my own closet that is as big as a bedroom, a full wall fill with shoes and bags. A disappointing fact about being married to a military man is moving from place to place. We can’t settle down or plant our seed and definitely not decorating our house like how we want to. At the end of the day, every place we move to is only our rental house. There is standard we have to follow and return it to how it is once we are done. I do long for some entitlement of something I can call it mine inside the house so I can feel like home beside my husband. Since I love doing make up so much and hate doing it in my bathroom, I decide to create my own vanity space. It is not cheap at all to get a vanity and most of them is very limited in storage space. So I took a trip to Ikea and this is the result:

The small table is Micke Desk in white as Ikea for $49.99. It comes with a drawer that can store a good amount of make up.


The drawer is also Micke $59.99. This draw is perfect for all my makeup storage and the bottom draw is for all of my hair tools.


Kolja Mirror also from Ikea for $9.99


Kaitum Mirror $19.99 for close up. There is one mirror that smaller for $8.99 but I like this one better because it has 3x zoom in and can light up.


Musik Wall Lamp for $29.99. It has place for 5 light bulbs so I only need one. It is very, very, very bright. You can get two and put it on both sides of the mirror but I only need one so I put it on top.


And the last thing you need is a cozy chair or stool. Most people use a stool but since I like to lean back most of the time,  I got a chair instead.

This is some storage optional that will help you sort out your make up and decorate your vanity as well.


A rectangle vase to put your make up brush. Don’t forget to get filler. You can easily find vase filler at Michael or I just get cheap coffee bean and fill those babies up.


Tray storage to help you keep all your make up separate and not too much clutter.

I believe our space need to be customized to our personality, go to Home Good, Dollar Store and any other similar store to get the decorates that speak to you. Trust me, with a designate space for your beauty, you will want to spend more time in front of it. Don’t settle for a higher price either, shop around and find the best deal you can get.