After moving to our new house, my earrings was put away in a plastic bag. Yep, I threw everything in the first thing that I could put my hand on, a plastic bag. And since our family are slowly settling in, it is the perfect time to take those babies out of the bag. I don’t have much jewelry but I do love to get something unique to display it. I did look around from Ebay to Amazon and some others store like Targets or Home Goods but didn’t get any luck. So with the help of some wire and Liknande Decoration from Ikea for $6.99, I got myself a unique earrings display.

DIY earrings display I had this decoration piece a couple of years ago from Ikea because I needed some prop for my table picture. I like it for its simplicity and clean design. It came in two pieces but I only pick this one to work with.

You will need a 16”, 20” wire and some wire cutter. The wire you can get it from Michael, Hobby Lobby or Home Depot. Just keep in mind to not get any wire that are under 14″, it is very tough and hard to work with. With wire work, you need a different type of wiring tool but if you only do 1 or 2 projects with it, I would stick with tools around the house that you have on hands to design how the wire would look. I used marker, and pen to curve most of my wire work in this piece. And the most important thing is just being creative and spontaneous.

So with around 2-3 hours time messing with the wire, this is how it turn out.

I used the 16” wire to curve around either a big marker and the smallest pen I had to create different sizes of loops. The design is pretty much spontaneous so a little bit curve over here, double loops over there, I had no design at all in my mind. This is one of the reason I love wiring because no matter what you do, it always turn out great. If you don’t want to make a big piece, just make several design pieces and connect it later on.

I used the 20” wire to connect the design to the frame and also connected all the 16” wire designs together as well. This is the most tedious part of the whole project so just stay with it. There was several time I did attempt to bring out my glue gun to make thing easier but it would turn out as good as it did. So hard work always pay off at the end.

Let’s me know how you like this piece by leaving a comment below. Thank you for reading.