Hi! Welcome back to Hype on Caffeine.

Today, I will show you how to makeup for a girl night out or a beautiful, romantic date night. You can customize the look how ever you want to and change up the shade of the lipstick. That is one of the perk of makeup, you can be creative and use any shade of color that you like as long as you know the basic technique.

With this look, I focus more on the smokey eyes effect with shimmery color shade from Too Face Chocolate Bar eyes shadow palette. I have monolid so I had to create my own but the technique is the same no matter what eye shape you have. The most important thing is blending the color to buff away all the harsh line.

You can skip the contouring and keep it simple with just a touch of blush. A lot of the steps, you can skip over if you like your makeup to look the most natural. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and don’t forget to give me a thumb up if you like the video. You can subscribe for more video in the future as well. I would love to here your feed back and suggestion for the next video as well.