No one like to have dry and chap lip. There are tons of products on the market to help with this beauty crisis but I never happy with any of the products. While using chapstick a while back, I noticed that I have to constantly applying the products through out the day yet my lips never improved. With that, I stop buying chapstick and found an alternative way, coconut oil. By using coconut oil and mixing it with sugar, I created my own lips scrub with more than one benefit. The sugar will scrub the death skin off my lips while the coconut oil will add moisture, prevent it from cracking. The best part about it is, it is all natural and cheap. This D.I.Y Natural Lip Scrub might be what you are looking for all alone.



  1. Sugar. Any sugar you have in hand is fine, from all-purpose sugar to raw organic sugar. You’ll need 1/2 teaspoon.
  2. 1/2 teaspoon of Coconut oil. Do you know you can remove all of your stubborn eye makeup with coconut oil as well?Steps:Pour the sugar in the coconut oil and start mixing. I would recommend mixing it in a container in case you make more and have some left over, you can store it away for future use.

sugar scrub



  1. Stir it until the mixture turn into paste. Coconut oil melts into liquid when heats up so you want to do it fast.
  2. Cover your whole lips with the final product. Scrubbing back and forth with your finger or you can also use a small toothbrush.
  3. Let it sit for 30 second to 1 minute. This will allow the moisture to penetrate the skin and soften your lips.
  4. Wipe it of with a clean towel or if you make a mess like me, you might need a wet cloth.
  5. Top it off with your favorite lip balm (it is optional) or vaseline.