Welcome to Hype On Caffeine, we will do an easy brow tutorial today  🙂

When I first learned how to do make up, I struggled with eyebrows alot. To me, I could never make it as good as I want to. My eyebrow, according to most people, was very hard to wax, trim, or had much shape to it. And like a cherry on top, my eyebrow got over waxed when I was in high school. To me, your make up will never really great if your brow is a hot mess. Even with natural make up, the first thing people will look at are those brow.

I didn’t have any one teaching me any tips or tricks, my skills came mostly from self-taught. So I figure out a way to transform my brow to how I want it to look with some sample tricks here and there. I hope you guys will enjoy this brow tutorial, please subscribe and comment to let me know how I am doing. I’m greatly appreciate any recommendation and ideas.

Thank you

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